Thursday, April 27, 2017

Week #10: Ted Talks

This week I am going to spend a little bit of time on the tri fold which was my main thing that I did last week. This week I am going to spend a lot of my time in the ted talk thing that we have to do at the end of the week after this post comes out and I will write my whole draft and edit it right here

The ted talk
  Many people use a outlet (Some people also use battery on the road) to charge their electrical things like a iPad and iPhone but what if you need to use your iPhone but you didn't have a battery or outlet on hand. You could use a potato to charge your iPad (The only downfall is that you need three potato to charge a phone because one potato is too small). People would probably say that it is impossible but a potato does have a element that can produce electricity. That thing is called potassium. That's why many household things like a potato and a banana can charge iPhones, iPads, and other electrical things. If you want to know how many volts I got the answer is 0.52 volts.

So that is my ted talk and it will probably charge very soon when I get better idea to write about or that I need to edit something.

Week #9: The Tri-fold

This week my main plan for today is we are going to work on our tri-fold. I already put the tittle on our tri-fold which is on the middle top and in inches it is 12 by 3 inches. I also decided to color the words on the tittle rainbow. Next, under the tittle I put the question which is "How can potatoes charge a iPhone or anything electronic?" I put that in red. And the last part in the middle is the data which I will push under the question and the data explains how the potato can produce some electricity which is exactly 0.52 volts.

The data will probably be "The substance that makes potatoes able to charge electronic is called potassium but the question is how do you take it out. I use a multimeter a few wires a nail to act as a metal and a penny to act as a copper. Then I would attach the wires and then it will show so volts which is how you get it out." The last part I plan to add that to the side of the tri fold which I will call how to perform the potato battery.

Lastly the answer will be The reason why potatos and other househome items can produce electricity is because it contains potassium.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Week #8: Experiment

Right now I am going to do the experiment so the next thing after this a will finsh the experiment and teach you how to do it.

After experiment
It work pretty well I managed to charge it and I got 0.53 volts and to me that is so surprising because I actually thought it will never work since they are so many hoaxes about these types of things.

    After the experiment I had even more question
I searched Potatoe charging on YouTube and a guy charged a iPhone,but I also know that It will take a lot more than just one potatoe  and my question is how many potatoes (Are maybe just one and the person was a hoax) do you need to get a iPhone to charge?
Another question is I had a lot of trouble doing the experiment so the next question would be Is there another way that is a lot easier than the way I did it?

What am I doing for the 9th week of genius hour.
Since genius hour is a hour every week my plan is to finsh this blog and edit this which will be about 1/8 of my time and then I am going to blog and do my tri fold so I can update everything as I am doing it. That process is going to be 6/8 My time and the rest is going to be practicing me ted talk.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Week #7 Progress

This week we have to write about how much progress we have done during school or at home on genius hour. We are also supposed to give a picture on this blog about some the experiments or anything that you worked on that is not digital which is very annoying to me because I did not do much thing on other things that are not digital because I did all my research on the iPod and not on books or other non-digital items. Also I am going to try the experiment right before next week and I will talk about it in my next blog. And hopefully I can manage somehow to don a little bit of work on my tri-fold

Things that I learned during researching
1. I know what part of the potato charges the electronic that you chose which is the juice even though potatoes only contains a little bit of juice.
2.You need a multimeter to see if there is volts
3.What a multimeter does is that it shows how much volts there is.
4. And many more things I need to complete this genius hour.
5. How a negative and positive works on a multimeter.
6. How many volts can one potato contain?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week #6: The final plan

This week I finished the draft and I got the plan. I also forgot to bring so stuff for an experiment such as a potato and other stuff. This week we also get to write about any thing so I am going to do Kwhl.
But I thing I am going to do the experiment at home because I don't think I can bring anything that is dangerous such as the test wires and some normal wires and finally something else that is probably not made for the school.

What do I know?
K: What I know is how it charged which is the potato juice which is made out of many types of calcium.

What do I want to know?
W: I probably know all I need to know for the project so  I dont need to think about anything else to research but what I want to know for other things about potatoes that could help anything in my project is how do you extract the juice.

How do I find out?
H: I can find out by trying new things like something YouTube taught me and maybe I can use the internet.

What have I learned?
L: after doing some research I have found out that you can extract the potato juice by a multimeter and other things and finally I found out.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trifolds draft for week #5

     This week we need to get our Tri-folds and plan to do something with it so this weeks post i will talk about how i will format my tri-fold and what i am going to bring some stuff and i will try it out and see if it will charge it. You might think why a said might and i said might because maybe some of the things i found might not be true and probably will mean that it will not send any energy and it will make it fail.

       Tri-fold plans
   My plan is to 1. Put the tittle in the top middle which I think where everybody would put it. Then 2. My Question will be right under the huge tittle and under the medium size question will be my Data and information. Next my equipment with be in front. And finally the rest are going to be on the sides. What I mean by the other I mean the less important one but still important. Some of them is the abstract and hypothesis.

     My equipment with probably be a nail some penny and a potato and finally a multimeter to see if I can get some power

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week #4

Week #4 Reviewing
1.After reviewing I think I have made a lot of progress beacause I learn a lot more than just know that it would work. I learned that it is not the whole potatoe that charges the iPhone or any electronic it is the juice inside of it every thought it has so little

2. I think that I should do a little bit more of research because all I know right now is that most people  use the chargers you use in the car to charge it. But that does have any proof of how the juice got in it

Q: what quick plan I would do for the next few weeks
3. One plan I have for probably the next 2 weeks is that the next week I would learn how to perform the way to charge it and. Then the next week I would go and try to perform it at home and if it works I would go to continue to write on how it did it.

Q:What question do I have for next time?
The main question I have for next time is how to do perform the way to charge the iPhone with potatoe juice.